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Chris Wissa


There’s not one acoustic company that cares more than we do about panels. Our goal is to change the way people think of acoustics. Our panels are functional and beautiful. I guarantee the minute you open your acoustic panel, you will see and “hear” the difference.

Providing Expert & Honest Service Since 2011

Our History

Our founders started in the custom AV industry over 20 years ago. With the obvious lack of acoustic treatments and lack of acoustic education, they made it their goal to bring acoustic room treatments more mainstream, starting with direct sales through distribution. Once a small 2-3 man operation, now NBP is one of the largest suppliers of acoustic panels in North America.

Our Service

We are committed to the proper education and expansion of acoustic panel treatments and the reasons when, why, and how to use them. Educating not only the consumer but the suppliers is the goal of NBP Acoustics.

Why we are different:

We offer complete design and acoustic specs for our customers.

We stay on top of the most current standards and make sure we excel at them (not just qualify).

We are innovative. Let's face it, a regular acoustic panel isn't exciting. We bring the excitement with beauty and function.

We are dedicated to being the best panel company.

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