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NBP Acoustics

America’s Acoustic Panel Company

Sound Perfect.

We are an acoustical panel manufacturer who specializes in the technology industry. We cater to all types of projects and clients, both with standard panel sizes for easy application or custom panels for the “One-Off” applications. There is NO ONE else like us. We are the fastest growing acoustic panel manufacturer in the US.

Customized Panels

We know that not every project is the same. Don’t get stuck,  we will make panels to make your project work.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

We believe so much in our products that we offer lifetime limited warranties on all our panels. Don’t worry, we are here for you.

Why use Acoustic Panels?

Using acoustic panels might be a new idea for you. You might wonder why you would spend  money on treating your space and not something else. The truth is that if you don’t have a treated room (even a bare-minimum) then your well-earned money, just bought something that won’t remotely work to the potential you should expect. It would be like buy a race car and putting in basic-grade gasoline in it. You would have spent all that money on the car, and it would move and could probably even race, but don’t ever expect it to be competitive. It could win, but it wouldn’t be able to.

In other words, using acoustics allows you to experience the intended sound of the system.

Why choose NBP Acoustics?

Not all acoustic panels are “create equal.” Here’s what separates us from the competition (if there is any).

Superior Product Design

Everything we do to build our panels is on purpose. We started this company after being in the AV industry for over 15 years. We’ve seen the lack of detail and care in the industry. We promised ourselves not matter what, wouldn’t be like the other companies.

Quality Assurance – Made in the USA

Everything that makes up our acoustic panels is made locally to our facility. After assembly, every single product is quality checked multiple times. This has given us an insane rate of less than 1% failure/return rate since we started.

Backed by Research & Development

While we focus a lot on the look and feel of our panels, we have also spent an astronomical amount of time on research and development to make our panels perform better than any other panel on the market. So relax, we can be the geeks you need us to be too!

Number of Dealers

Years in Business

Panels Distributed Daily

Happy Customers

"Thanks NBP! We've installed many acoustic treatments in the past and your panels are the best we've seen and not heard, lol. I appreciate you guys for making our projects go smoothly. Your panels are like icing on the cake for our jobs. We recommend you guys all the time!"

Joel Marshall - AV Tek, Inc.


"Being a business design architect, we often have to find ways of treating spaces without adding clutter or wall-acne. From your custom wall panels to ceiling panels, we now specify your products every opportunity we get. Thank you for caring about the look as much as the function! #someonefinallygetit"

Samantha Helms - NCR Designs, LLC.


We are dedicated to being the best panel company.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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