We are an acoustical panel manufacturer who specializes in the custom AV industry. We cater to all types of projects and AV dealers, both with standard panel sizes for easy application or custom panels for the “One-Off” applications. There is NO ONE else like us. Call today or become a dealer through one of our partners.

Custom Panels

Special applications? Want to be different? Call us today and we’ll custom build your panels to match exactly what will work for your application.  

6 Basic Colors

Onyx, Oat, Grass, Sapphire, Cabernet, Charcoal

6 Designer Colors

Platinum, Melon, Lipstick, Mocha, Teal, Gold

3 Standard Sizes

24″ x 24″, 24″ x 48″, 18″ x 72″

The Difference

Easiest Mounting Solution

With our patented mounting solution, possibilities are limitless.

Custom Panels

We will build custom sizes, colors, and shapes to fit your space.


UV Printed Panels

Put any photo or print on our panels without affecting the absorption rating.

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How We Can Help

Custom Design

We’ll help you custom design your rooms or projects. We want to make you look like the expert.

Easy Understanding

They have questions, you have answers. That’s the way we want it to be when you get infront of your customers.

Digital Fabric Swatch

We’ve done our homework so you can have a digital fabric swatch and show your clients, even if you forgot the actual swatch at your office.

Quicker Turnaround Everytime

We work hard to get to know you more. The more we do business together, it is our goal to make it easier for you.

Customized Everything

Every job is different so we adapt NO MATTER THE SIZE.

Easy Money

Because Acoustics are valuable and very few people use them, if we can make you more versed in Acoustics, the more money you will make.

Let us know how we can help you today!

Contact Us at info@nbpacoustics.com or 704-234-5179

Made By Hand

Our panels are made by hand by Master Panel Craftsmen all in the U.S.A. As a matter of fact, all materials and building is done within the state of North Carolina. No machines, no waiting on China. We are proud of our work, you’ll see.

We Use Premium Materials

Unlike our competition, we use premium materials which translate premium quality, and of course premium acoustics.


Solid Pine

We use real, solid pine. Not MDF.

Dense Acoustic Foam

Our competitors use insulation. We use acoustic foam that’s in the typical sound recording studio.

Special Sauce

There’s a few things we can’t show you (we’ll give up our secrets), but trust us, no one is doing acoustics like us.

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